Why is Sex Education Important for Teens and Young Adults?

Sex education is the key to protect ourselves online and offline
  • “When I first got my periods, I had no clue what was happening!”
  • “If I kiss my boyfriend/girlfriend will I get pregnant? We didn’t remove our clothes. We only touched from outside.”
  • “What is the connection between penetrative sex and pregnancy?”
  • “We only need condoms if we want to avoid getting pregnant. Correct?”
  • “He/she told me it was our secret, so I did not want to tell anyone.”

Why should we introduce sex education early?

Sex education in advance prevents us from potential bad situations in future
Lifeguards are stationed before people need them. We need sex education before we need it as well.
  • prepare them with the right knowledge to avoid exploitation & manipulation
  • prevent mainstream media and pornography becoming their primary source of information to satisfy their curiosity
  • provide the right education that will enable them to make productive and effective choices for themselves
  • build self-esteem and confidence so they don’t see themselves or their bodies as strange, different, or unusual

Mainstream media + Porn + Internet = Bad news

Why is the lack of sex education potentially dangerous?

How the media misleads us…

Self-esteem, confidence and bullying

Bullying and peer pressure can lead to drastic steps when one is not prepared to be confident about themselves

What are the consequences we want to avoid?

Teenagers are entering into relationships without learning enough about themselves from reliable sources

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Arnold Mascarenhas

Arnold Mascarenhas


Lokyatha is an education focused initiative to enable young adults to live better, more fruitful lives by delivering real world life skills.