The Multiple Skills Involved in Personal Finance

  1. Earning money,
  2. Budgeting and saving money, and
  3. Investing the money saved
The three core skills of personal finance

Skill 1: Earning money

Man in a suit on the top of a sky scraper, fishing a bag of money with a rod. It depicts the first skill of personal finance - earning money

Understanding income

Understanding the importance of our primary income source

Alternate sources of income

Diagram showing multiple sources of income such as stocks, business, royalties, job, etc. This is an important aspect of personal finance.

Skill 2: Budgeting and saving money

Keeping track of expenses: The forgotten skill of personal finance

Image of two hands holidng an open empty wallet. This indicates that budgeting is an important skill of personal finances.
Image of a computer keyboard with each key indicating the different expenses we have. Personal finances need to cater to each such as taxes, fuel, bills, health care, etc. They all get paid from our salary.
Salary is awaited, only for expenses to deplete it

Saving: The ancient wisdom of personal finance

Image showing a jar full of coins. Savings-The masterstroke skill of Personal finance

Skill 3: Investing: The fruit-bearing tree of personal finance

Image showing a man watering plants. Personal finance involves investing which is like planting seeds.

To conclude…



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Arnold Mascarenhas

Arnold Mascarenhas


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