The Link Between Emotional Intelligence and Burnout

What is ‘burnout’?

Burnout Syndrome, Man sleeping at his desk working over a laptop,Tried overworked
Burnout can sap us of all energy and life force and even change our behaviour and personality
  • feeling helpless or trapped,
  • sense of self-doubt and failure,
  • feeling isolated and detached,
  • feeling pessimistic and cynical about things,
  • loss of interest and motivation,
  • lowered sense of accomplishment,
  • low energy levels

The five stages of burnout

1. The honeymoon phase

2. Early stress

3. Chronic stress

4. Burnout

5. Habitual burnout

What is ‘emotional intelligence’?

Image showing heart leading brain to success. Emotional intelligence is needed to manage ourselves.
Emotional intelligence can help us know and manage ourselves better
  1. self-awareness,
  2. self-regulation/management,
  3. empathy/social awareness, and
  4. relationship management



Empathy/social awareness

Relationship management

How can emotional intelligence help prevent burnout?

Emotional intelligence is a combination of various skills

Final thoughts

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Arnold Mascarenhas

Arnold Mascarenhas


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