The Economic Costs of the Lack of Sex Education

Signboard that says sex education is taboo

Entry barriers for girls and non-binary genders

Lazy husband using mobile phone while his wife doing chores. Sex education teaches how division of labour should not be based on gender.
A huge gender stereotype is that household work is the woman’s domain

Glass ceiling for women and non-binary genders

Research shows that the glass ceiling not only impacts women’s mental health but also slows down the economy

Companies invest millions in POSH

Torn red paper revealing the word #metoo concept. Sex education leads to greater understanding of what harassment constitutes.
The #MeToo is a social movement in which women openly spoke about their experiences of sexual harassment and abuse
Clipboard with a secual harassment complaint form.
Over 70% women do not report cases either because of shame, fear of retaliation, lack of awareness, or trust in the system

National costs of the lack of sex education

Graph showing women's labour forece participation rate dropping from 42.7% in 2005 to 23.3% in 2018.
  • Research indicates many of the reasons for the low LFPR relate to problems that comprehensive sex education can resolve.
  • When more people participate in economic activity, it has a compounding effect. The Gross National Income (GNI), and Per Capita Income get impacted positively. People then are able to pay higher taxes and have improved household spending and savings. The consumption of more value-added goods, economic mobility and independence, investment in personal healthcare, education, and opportunities also go up.

Conclusion: Sex education is critical

Words sex education written in the notepad.
Comprehensive sex education is the answer



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