Should I Finish My Degree or Should I Dropout?

Billboard advising college isn't for everyone
  • Take on side-gigs if you wish.
  • And then do whatever the heck you want after you graduate.

But Skills > Degrees Right?

Yes, the startup world and a few new-age companies are slowly moving towards skills > degrees, but these companies aren’t the whole world. They are a tiny microcosm of the vast employer opportunities that are waiting out there for you.

Blackboard writing with degree and job description
Degrees are still a benchmark and certificate of qualification

Limited Business Travel Without a Degree

  • US.
  • Canada.
  • Australia.
  • New Zealand.
  • EU.
  • You name it.


Degrees may not be relevant or prove your capabilities, but degrees are still a serious part of the ecosystem.

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Arnold Mascarenhas

Arnold Mascarenhas

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