Saving Tips for Beginners

Image of a hand putting coins into a transparent jar to indicate the concept of saving.

Mindset shifts

otepad with New Mindset New Results text with light bulb and gearwheel mechanism. The image indicates the mindset shift needed to save better.
Learning to manage one’s personal finances is a combination of mindset shifts and habit cultivation

Figure out ‘why’ you want to save

Save NOW! Don’t wait for ANYTHING

Treat saving like an expense

Think long-term and consistency is key

long term short term strategy planning or thinking plan and think ahead for the near and far future road sign arrow. The image indicates how long-term thinking is needed when we plan our saving.
Long-term thinking is critical to cultivate when we start on our saving journey

Take advantage of financial windfalls to save more money

Make adjustments to your lifestyle to save more

top view of blackboard with the slogan "cut your expenses" scissors, wallet with credit cards and house shaped paper. Reducing expenses is more or equally effective as earning more.
Reducing expenses is as effective as earning more

Beware of the consumerist economy

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Set financial goals

Financial goals on notepad on blank notepad with calculator, coffee, pen and smart phone on a wooden table, retro style
Setting financial goals is both exciting and helpful to charting out a clear path ahead

Hone the art of budgeting and alter your lifestyle

Budget planing concept. Top view of notepad with word Budget, mobile phone, cup of coffee, pouch on wooden background. Write idea success solution concept. Vintage toned picture. Copy space. Budgeting can help in reaching our saving goals.
One of the most underestimated skills today is that of budgeting

Lower your big three expenses: housing, transportation, and food

Shop smart

 woman holding smart phone standing next to basket full of vegetables and healthy super food while shopping in the supermarket to indicate smart shopping
Using shopping hacks can help us reduce over-spending that typically happens when shopping

Calculate your real hourly wage


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