Relationships & Dealing with Breakups: A Mental Health Perspective

Black and white image of two hands holding each other. Both the arms are covered in long black sleeves. The image indicates relationship breakup.

How does a breakup affect us

A girl sitting on a couch and looking at a photo frame. She is covered in a blanket and is crying while holding a tissue in one hand. The image indicates a relationship breakup.
Grieving the loss of a meaningful relationship is natural
Close up of a young man sitting on a staircase holding his head in his hands, eyes shut, with a sad expression on his face.
A breakup can lead to mental breakdown or other mental health issues

Ways to deal with a breakup

1. Take time to heal

Message in sand, time heals. It's common advice given to people after a relationship breakup.
‘Time heals’ is age-old advice for after a relationship breakup

2. Don’t take drastic steps

3. Take a break from social media

Spartphone with with turn off sign in its screen in womans hand on the beach. Social media gadget internet addiction concept
A healthy way to heal is to stay away from all addictions, including technology

4. Indulge in a hobby

5. Maintain a schedule

6. Stay in touch with family and friends

Close-up of woman sitting on sofa and holding someone's hand to show care and concern much needed after a relationship breakup.
Turning to family and friends can prove to be very healing and helpful

To conclude…

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