Job Hunting? You Need to Research!

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Some of the key reasons to research the company

  1. You will be more informed about how to present yourself. Understanding more about the company will give you an edge to better cater to what they are looking for. This could relate to tweaking your resume, cover letter, or even steering the conversation during the interviews.
  2. Not doing any research beforehand can make you look clueless and unprepared at an interview if any discussion around the company and its work comes up.
  3. You can judge how to represent their desired culture and simultaneously decide if it’s right for you. (For example, if you come from a structured, traditional corporate culture, and you know you are interviewing at a company that is more easy going, and has a laissez faire culture, you can position that side of yourself during the interviews. You can subsequently showcase a side of yourself in that light with your stories and anecdotes.)
  4. Finally, you will gain a broader understanding of their business. This could enable you to find deeper meaning and purpose in your role.
A young person making notes while the research a company for a prospective job.
Researching the job and company are important for both the interviewing process and for clarity on whether you want the job in the first place

What should you look for when you research for a job?

  • the role,
  • the expectations the company has (in terms of qualifications, skills, experience, attitude, values, etc.) and a compensation ballpark at the minimum,
  • the various aspects of the company and their business (including the nature of tasks, ongoing projects, etc.)

Company business

Man hand holding magnifying glass analyzing business financial data. Photo with sunlight filter effect. It's important to research a job and company before applying.
You are tying your destiny with the company’s future; it’s hence vital for you to know how it’s doing in the market

Your target business unit, department, and team

  • Who are your teammates?
  • Who is your future boss?
  • What are they like?
  • What is the culture of the workplace like?
  • Do you think you will enjoy working with them?
  • Do you think you will learn and grow in an environment like that?
Business Bible commandment - Culture drives a company depicted on a book cover. It's important to research the culture of a company before applying for a job there.
Learning about the company’s culture is extremely critical, and can be a deal-maker or breaker for many

Where else do I look for this information?

Image of the LikedIn login page to indicate how professional networking sits are used to research jobs and companies.
There are several portals these days that can help job seekers get information about companies that otherwise would not be as easily available

Okay, job research done. Now what?

Employment handshake or making good first impression at successful interview concept
All your research should come in handy for all your interactions with the company in terms of both questions and presenting yourself suitably

So many companies, but such little time…

The ‘Spray and Pray’ tactic isn’t the wisest approach when looking for a job

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