Mental health support is paramount to succeeding in today's world

A lot of people often have the following questions about mental health:

  • “Is mental health a serious issue?”
  • “Should we really be worried about it?”
  • “My parents don’t think it’s a big deal & they never bothered. Should I?”

The short answer is YES. We should care, and so should…

Mental health is a key facet of our lives and critical to being successful

“Our mental health seriously affects our physical health. So there should be no stigma around mental health, none at all.” — Michelle Obama

Very simply, mental health refers to our mental well-being. It is a combination of our physical, emotional, behavioural, and social states. …

Sex Education Sex STD Family Planning Penis Vagina
A small subset of all the terms relevant to Sex Education

Do these words above make you uncomfortable? A little? A lot?

Each of these words and most discussions around them, make most of us feel uncomfortable. But should they? Sex is a natural and basic human need. …


“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.”
Marilyn Monroe

Do we accept every version of ourselves? The perfect and the flawed ones?

The truth is, self-acceptance doesn’t always come naturally. A lot of us face trouble accepting our true and entire selves. …

Macro photo of tooth wheel mechanism with JOB SEARCH, GOAL, SKILL, CAREER, INTERVIEW and QUALIFICATION concept words

Job hunting is not a one-sided process in which only the companies accept you. You need to accept the company as well! Doing your job research is a crucial step towards making informed decisions and presenting the best version of yourself.

When searching for jobs, it is not only prudent…

Arnold Mascarenhas

Lokyatha is an education focused initiative to enable young adults to live better, more fruitful lives by delivering real world life skills.

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